1.Diefthinsi DefterovathmiasDodecanesou (Directorate of Secondary in Dodecanese). Public educational authority


2. GymnasioGennadiou (Secondary School of Gennadi). Public Secondary School

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Key Action: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices

Action: Strategic Partnerships

Strategic Partnerships for school education

Main objective of the project: Exchange of Good Practices

Call 2018 R1 21-3-2018

“T.A.C.K.E.D.: Traditional Arts and Crafts to Keep away Early Drop-out”


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Transnational meetings at project partners level.

1.- Kick-off meeting, at the beginning of the project . The most important meeting in the project: it is on this occasion that almost everything which underpins the future success of the project, is settled. A coordination meeting in order to focus on and clarify important aspects:

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Due to Covid 19 restrictions, the video production has been postponed

The project intends to impact on the problems related to lack of literacy, of early school leaving and dropout which are interlinked to schooling problems that obstacle a full and effective integration of teenagers into the educational and training systems, using Traditional Arts and Crafts as a powerful tool.

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