Artist Stelios Grekos at work. Source Greece High Definition

Pebble mosaic, type of mosaic work that uses natural pebbles arranged to form decorative or pictorial patterns. It was used only for pavements and was the earliest type of mosaic in all areas of the eastern Mediterranean, appearing in Asia Minor in excavated floors from the 8th and 7th centuries bc.

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The date of February 9 was selected because it is also the official commemoration day of the Greek national poet Dionysios Solomos, who wrote the Greek national anthem, titled ”Hymn to Liberty” (Ύμνος εις την Ελευθερίαν).

Source Rhodes 2021

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Medieval city, aerial view

The island of Rhodes lies at the crossroads of two important marine routes in the Mediterranean Sea, between the Aegean Sea and the coast of Middle East, and between Europe and Northern Africa. As a meeting point for three continents, Rhodes has been exposed to many different cultures.

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