The Rhodes International Culture & Heritage Society (short: RICHeS) is a non-governmental organisation, based in Rhodes, Greece and a registered charity (non-profit) under Greek law.

As the abbreviation of our name already indicates, we focus on the cultural ‘riches’ of Rhodes and we do so with an international and multicultural point of view. The unique diversity of the cultural and historical heritage of Rhodes is the result of centuries of cross-cultural influences reflecting the strategic position of Rhodes in the Eastern Mediterranean. Although an island, Rhodes was never isolated. Only in Rhodes one can find classical remains, Byzantine churches, Gothic palaces, Ottoman mosques, Sefardic synagogues, Levantine villa’s and Italian colonial buildings together on the same surface.
Its legal members constitute the executive board. RICHeS is strictly non-political and non-religious and welcomes everybody who is interested in all aspects of the cultural heritage of Rhodes.
The events organized by RICHeS are open to everybody and you don’t need to become a member or to be asked to become a member in order to participate. The events are directed at a broad audience, interested in the history and culture of Rhodes and looking for new ways to be involved in that. The activities are either free or at a very low entrance fee. This way, it is possible for everybody to participate. And that shows; at RICHeS events you can see people from all walks of life and from all ages.
RICHeS can count on a large number of enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers and supporters. They make our events possible and it is their contribution in a variety of fields that guarantees continuity of RICHeS.

Our Mission – Resulting from our philosophy, our mission can be summed up as follows:
To stimulate awareness, knowledge and study of the cultural heritage of Rhodes in general;
To stimulate awareness, knowledge and study of the international, multicultural and lesser known cultural heritage of Rhodes;
To increase cultural and heritage participation;
To increase public commitment to the preservation and improvement of this heritage.
Through the initiation, organisation and development of various events and activities – both short- and long term – we try to achieve our mission.

Our Vision – RICHeS is dedicated to making a positive contribution to Rhodes, in our vision we:
contribute to the cultural and intellectual climate in Rhodes;
contribute to a better understanding of the unique multicultural heritage of Rhodes and to help preserve this for future generations;
contribute to a better cultural understanding and appreciation between people of different backgrounds;
contribute to the establishment and promotion of Rhodes as a recognised first-class cultural destination;
contribute to the European and international cultural profile of Rhodes.

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