ITALY Reggio Calabria Municipality

Reggio Calabria Municipality is an institutional body looking at local and European policies that provides assistance to all sectors for the implementation of local and community development projects promoting the crossing between territory demands and opportunities at local, national and European level.

As a public authority, it deals with the social, economic and productive development and deals with people’ development taking care to implement learning and training courses which that could guide the individual during his lifetime satisfying his needs and his requirements and trying to give young people the right job opportunities and improvement at a professional level in an area where there are considerable difficulties in obtaining employment, making the young aware of matters of European interest and helping them to take part in the many initiatives offered by the European Union.  The identity of Reggio Calabria’s Municipality lies in the commitment to promoting the development and coordination of EU Community policies.

Also the organization of the city is divided into sectors:

Public Relations – Equal Opportunities – Equal Councillor

Computer systems – Technological Innovation – Statistics

Financial income – Management Control – Economic Management

Education – Higher Education

Planning and Coordination of Community Policies

Social Policies – Youth Policies

Heritage and Culture – Language minorities

Sport – Tourism

VET – Labour policies

Agriculture – Hunting and Fishing

Roads – Transportation

Protection and Preservation of the coasts

Construction and sports implants

Environment and energy

State Property and river water

Reggio Calabria’s Municipality implements projects, pilot studies and innovative teaching programmes in cooperation with other authorities/organizations. We provide training for the citizens to ensure that they are fully integrated into society: their aim is to promote the interaction between institutions and citizens, young citizens with fewer opportunities (from lessprivileged cultural, socio-economic background or with disabilities) through a new informal space for discussion and non-formal learning. The objective of our municipality is to educate youth with the idea of citizenship and the legal rights in the context of the European Union. Reggio Calabria’s municipality currently facilitates art and culture, urban and rural development, social inclusion, youth information, equality opportunities, youth sports, formal education and training and youth volunteering opportunities within our community.

The Municipality has managed several projects at national and EU level with the primary objective of ensuring active participation of young people and citizens in society. Reggio Calabria’s Municipality with the presence of a structured staff, it’s in charge with the planning and coordination of all kinds of educational and training activities in public schools and it carries out the planning and delivery of services closely linked to education.

Its activities are linked to:

– the management and running of the Schools;

– the planning of services in the education system;

– monitoring school’s flows and early school leaving;

– coordinate meetings and events in terms of orientation and training choices.

In particular it deals with:

define the educational offer of the public schools, in connection with the choices of users and with the prospects of economic development, cultural and social development of the territory;

define the plane of the sizing of the public schools, with the aim of ensuring their full functionality, even in relation to the maintenance of a balance between demand for education and organization of training.

To the above mentioned activities we have to add interventions to support students in their educational path (transport support for students with disabilities, provision of scholarships) and offers to students about opportunities to obtain information and support in the delicate choices that characterize their future education and career.

Reggio Calabria’s Municipality has a dedicated sector for school education with the presence of a structured staff. It’s in charge with the planning and coordination of all kinds of educational and training activities in public schools and it carries out the planning and delivery of services closely linked to education.

We will be participating in all local and international work of the project actively contributing to the needs assessment as well as to the development of the training programme. We will explore the situation of early school leaving, collect feedback and experiences and report these for the adaptation of the new programme. We will be actively disseminating the project and its results in Italy and support the sustainable use of the results also after the end of the funding period.

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