Greek educational system -Organisation of the school year

The organization of the school year for upper secondary school is fixed at central level. School year begins on September 1st and ends on August 31st of the following year. The teaching year begins on September 1st and ends on June 30th while the teaching of subjects begins on September 11th and ends in the middle of May.

The exam period follows, with exams for grades Α΄ and Β΄ which define whether pupils move up to the next grade, while grade C΄ pupils take the national (pan-Hellenic) exams which lead to their entrance in HEIs, and the upper secondary school leaving certificate exams.
The teaching year in the General Upper Secondary School is divided in 2 terms. The first term lasts from September 1st to January 20th; the second term starts on 21st January and ends in May on a date fixed by a decision of the Minister of Education
The teaching year encompasses Christmas and Easter holidays of 4 weeks total duration. Summer holidays begin on 15th June, until 10th September while teachers’ holidays start on 1st July, until August 31st.
Organization of the School Day and Week
General Upper secondary school timetable is set on a central level and is globally implemented throughout the territory. The classes in day schools begin at 08:15 and end at 14:10, while in evening schools, classes begin at 19:20 and end at 22:55

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