Reggio Calabria- Broom

Up to a few years ago in Calabria the processing of the broom was very popular. It was done in almost all counties, given the need to create an economic yarn and the great abundance of broom that colored and perfumed the hills of the region. The broom belongs to the Leguminose family, it is also called with dialectal names, depending on its geographical location in Calabria. The broom is a shrub from 50 to 105 cm tall which has very resistant and erect cylindrical green stems with a few leaves.

The stem is very branchy and bald and hard enough, it is difficult to break it with your hands. The leaves are simple, resistant and dark green in color. The petals form a yellow and fragrant flower. The broom prefers the heat and it is flourishing on different types of soil. In fact, it grows in sunny areas from 0 to 1200 meters above sea level. It is used as a consolidation plant for landslides, mainly used in the embankments of highways and railways.

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