Reggio Calabria – Ceramics Seminara


Works of terracotta and the decoration of ceramics were crafts from ancient time. It is no coincidence that there is an excellent craftsmanship of fire-glazed crockery, with milk white and sky blue colors, which are inspired by the chromatic effects of the Magna Grecia pottery. Ceramics is the most important form of craftsmanship in the region as it satisfies both everyday use and art. The production involves furnishings and souvenirs of various kinds where the craftsmen show off the best of their technical and aesthetic skills.

A separate reference must be made for the artisan workshops of Seminara as they prefer the creation of objects that refer to the symbolic forms of popular tradition: from masks to drive away bad luck to the so-called babbaluti, anthropomorphic bottles decorated with faces with an ironic grin and almost wary.

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