Reggio Calabria – Chairs

In Calabria, the presence of craftsmen who produce chairs is very old. This sector of woodworking is flourishing throughout the region, an example is the characteristic straw chair of Serrastretta. This typical chair so original in materials and shapes, combines the ability in modeling wood with the processing of straw. The module follows the typical one of the chair of common use of the ancient local tradition. The processing is done by hand. One of the most used woods in the production of chairs is beech, of which Calabria is rich.

But the new productions are also characterized by the use of chestnut. The Calabrian chairs showcase the precious skills of the master craftsmen who have handed down the secrets of this typical process for generations. In addition to traditional models, there is also a new design which testifies to a continuous search for new and trendy elements with a specific goal: to give a touch of uniqueness to the furnishings of everyday life. The Calabrian chairs for the quality of the materials and the originality have conquered a large space in the national and international market. An inimitable product that combines aesthetic value with strength, stability and durability.

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