Reggio Calabria – Silk

The art of weaving in Calabria has ancient origins. It belongs to the history of each family as the loom has been a symbol of female patience and industriousness. There was no house that did not own one and even today, in many counties it is possible to see old looms, often worm-eaten, which have taken on the color of the hearth where they stayed for years and years. The Calabrian poet Vincenzo Padula exalted this industrious instrument, comparing its sound to a musical instrument, such is the feeling of sweetness that emanates from it.

The loom has a great importance not only because it has perpetuated the ancient traditions up to the present day, but also because it was an effective means of communication. Already used by the Greeks, large, made of beech wood, located on the ground floor of the house, or more often in the bedroom, the loom served as an aggregation: the young women gathered here to dream of the future, the old women who remembered the past.

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