Greek folk art is by far the most genuine aesthetic expression of the common people. Recognized as a primary form of art, it often employs geometrical shapes (i.e. triangles, squares) and archetypal symbols (i.e. meanders, crosses) to illustrate with liveliness and imagination the social conscience of ordinary man, usually in the context of a specific community or place. Greek folk art affords an inexhaustible thematic range that manifests itself in a variety of forms: handicrafts (such as weaving, embroidery, pottery, metallurgy and woodwork), painting, iconography, marble sculpture and so on.

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Traditional craftsmanship in Greece – the traditional boatyard in the village of Kilada

The splendour of copper in lacklustre times

Skyros’ basket weavers

Pelion’s last saddler

How to pour metal into sand

Kafenion Mouries in Volos

Volos’ tanner

The old man and his caïques

Boatyard in the Argolian gulf

The luthier of Metaxourgeio

Tentes – Athens’ awnings

The Mentis ribbon weaving company

A living memorial

A classic – sandals from Athens

Skyrian honey

The Kombolói – from prayer chain to toy

Skyrian woodcarving

With the shepherds on the scanty hills of Skyros

Women’s cooperative

Boatyards on the tip of the Pelion

Boatyards on the tip of the Pelion

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Play with Clay, Carving marble, Silver and gold miracles

Art, tradition, inspiration, artistry blended with clay, marble, silver and gold shape objects of exquisite beauty to reserve a remarkable position into the pantheon of the Greek cultural heritage.

Play with clay

The ceramic art (or pottery) has been marking eras and millennia. It has been turning natural material into useful objects of high aesthetics. It has been involving artful hands into creating culture. It has been giving evidence about that culture, as pottery accounts for the most numerous objects of the same category found in any archaeological excavation.

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Dimitra Colomvakou is an immensely talented artist who through her passion, patience and dedication has succeeded in creating some of the most beautiful mosaic art in Greece. Dimitra, who is of Canadian descent has the remarkable ability to take loose pebbles and turn them into extraordinary decorative pavings that can adorn gardens, courtyards and paths. 

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